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Benedict and Associates, Inc. - A leading provider of Health Care Risk Management Services

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For over 15 years, Benedict and Associates, Inc. (B&A) has been a leader in the Risk Management Industry; providing risk assessments and regulatory compliance services for the Health Care Industry within the state of Florida. Now B&A is available to provide risk management and risk assessments to health care facilities nationwide!

Risk Assessment and Regulatory Compliance Services

The Licensed Health Care Risk Management staff at B&A is committed to providing only the highest quality in risk assessment and risk management solutions for your health care facility. Our team of risk management experts, risk assessment consultants and technicians are available to assist and guide you every step of the way, ensuring your health care facility a healthy environment while protecting your company against losses and/or liability.

B&A provides risk assessment and risk management solutions for the Health Care Industry. B&A also offers occupational, safety and environmental health consulting for many other industries.

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Risk Management Tips:

Goal 2E: Implement a standardized approach to “hand off” communications, including an opportunity to ask and respond to questions.
Rationale: The primary objective of a “hand off” is to provide accurate information about a patient’s/client’s/resident’s care, treatment and services, current condition and any recent or anticipated changes. The information communicated during a hand off must be accurate in order to meet patient safety goals.
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B&A Safety and Disaster Manual

B&A now offers a 325-page Safety and Disaster Manual – a comprehensive source for planning your safety and disaster response plan, available in print and in CD-ROM format. Learn more:
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Health Care Risk Management News

OSHA HIPAA Compliance and JCAHO Accreditation
As a health care professional, Benedict and Associates, Inc. (B&A) knows that you (and your staff) need to stay informed and educated on the many changes occuring in health care industry. Whether you are looking for information on product/equipment recalls or need to obtain the latest policies and procedures for your facility, the Information Center at B&A offers you an easy way to keep your facility informed.

The information center offers a wealth of reference and educational materials on the following subjects: Patient Safety, Accreditation, Corporate Compliance, HIPAA, Legal Archives, Education, Regulation Updates and AHCA Surveys for Florida.
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B&A provides risk management and risk assessment to health care facilities in Florida and nationwide.
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