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"B&A streamlined operations by incorporating risk management routines in daily activities of staff."

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About the Company

Benedict and Associates, Inc.


Benedict and Associates Inc. (B&A) was founded in 1989 and incorporated in Florida in 1990. Our mission is to offer and provide individualized risk management and risk assessment services to all health care providers. Our services include, but are not limited to, environmental, occupational and safety issues.

In 2004, Benedict and Associates, Inc. became a leading provider of risk management services and are now able to provide risk management services nationally. Our commitment to providing risk assessment and risk management services to hospitals and other health care facilities has established B&A as a top provider of risk management.

Benedict and Associates, Inc. also provides occupational and environmental consulting for health care and other industries nationwide.


Our principals bring over 20 years of experience in risk management, occupational and environmental consulting. Our staff has the technical, administrative, and academic training required to respond quickly to your needs. Our staff will work efficiently to contain client’s costs. Our associates have extensive knowledge and experience to assess your needs and interact with high level client professionals.


It is the mission of Benedict and Associates, Inc. to work closely with health care facilities to identify, evaluate, reduce and eliminate risks with in-depth assessment and management services.

About Our Clients

Benedict and Associates, Inc. provides assistance to a variety of health care providers including hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinics, and physicians. Benedict and Associates, Inc. also provides risk assessment and risk management services to other industries to ensure environmental health, occupational safety and loss prevention.

About the Principals

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About the Staff

Benedict and Associates, Inc. professionals are ready to assist you in all your risk management and risk assessment issues.

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